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Hello, we made a small update that many of you have been waiting for, a lot of technical work here.


  • King of Arena: The rogue now has 10 invisibility charges per round. The minimum number of participants is now 10. The event now start on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • PVP Battle Guardian: no longer exists, we believe that the location of this battle is too large, when there are few participants it becomes boring and useless. Over the years we have created many PVP events, so I think this battle has become obsolete. Perhaps a new version of this battle or something else will come in the near future.
  • Christmas event is disabled by 50%. The Snow Battle will continue until January 31st. Improved the system of forming teams and receiving prizes.
    I hear your requests and decided to make a small gift, I see that the losing team stops fighting, so we gave the losing team the opportunity to get a prize.

    If your team wins you will receive a prize: image.png.a67d2230291f53604d5e3c234ccafdf7.png

    If your team loses:  image.png.030c9aa6124bbe2655d2f844715720c4.png

    Remember that if you are not an active participant in the snow battle you will not be given a gift.
  • PvP balance:
    Titan - Warmaster: Damage Reflection increased by 1%
    Mage - Wizard: Ice Ball increased by 8%
    Mage - Witсh: Great Curse: Reduces the target's movement speed, defense and skill speed (Curse Removal Scroll does not cancel)
    Sorcerer - Specialist:
    Earthsea Enforcement - increased by 100%.
    Enforce Firewind - increased by 100%.
    Scythe Mastery - increased by 100%.
    2 elemental blessings can be used. 

    Screenshot_36.png.dff3327778db8125822a318dca2a23ba.png   Screenshot_37.png.9f6a8056a7e351baacca4722457b7540.png
  • Token PVP are no longer useless, you can play the game victory with them.


  • Fairy: [bebe] Song of Sea - works for the owner.
  • Capturing territories:
    Fixed bug with Invincible Mode.
    We have updated the rules, during the capture it is forbidden to use the multi-client, if you use it your character will be blocked at the first report.
  • Unidentified Corpse: you can exchange any count.

    z.jpg.ff6b57c5623423b54d489bff2c4bae88.jpg  zx.jpg.c9b03ad2ea8d846e6408b5ef11b2b3e1.jpg

  • Fixed many technical bugs.
  • Imperious Scroll now costs 150 diamonds.
  • Laca ball: You get a reward 2 times faster.
  • Roy Trade: Now the maximum amount has been increased by 10 times.

Enjoy The Game! 🥰

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