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Ingame Rules

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By registering in the game you agree to the following rules:

1) General rules:
The highest priority of our game is a pleasant pastime for all its participants.
The Staff Members has the last word if needed.
You don't have the right to regret the answer of any Staff Member - specially the Administrator - but not only.
When you request game changes like updates, fixes improvements or anything else the Administrator has the right to decline it. If the administrator has rejected your proposal or solution to your problem or thoughts you do not have the right to contradict him. Not in any way - specially not public.
Only violations on our own platforms are accepted in the form of pictures and videos. We will not check any other programs and/or locations when reported.

The Adminstration has the right to suspend your account for public indignation without a pre-issued warning.
If the actions of the admins\moderators somehow violate the rules of the game and you have to say something about it then you have the right to talk about it! Of course nobody at any time is allowed to insult or condemning. It's neccessary to clearly talk about the problem and solve it together.

2) Gameplay and Rules of conduct:
The in-game communication is based on the principles of netiquette. Players are strongly recommended to adhere to them. GM/GS can take the player a note about the violation of the principles of netiquette, based on their own understanding about the appropriateness of their compliance to maintain in the game, adequate atmosphere. If the player ignores the comments of the moderator is considered a violation of these rules on a General basis.
It's forbidden to buy/sell/exchange/trade game characters and accounts. It doesn't matter if it's for gold or real money.
It is forbidden to advertise or mention any other server in the game chat.
Prohibited a public showdown
Specially homophobic, sexistic, rassistic and other discriminatory statements are not allowed.

3) Usage of our and third party software:
The usage of any third party program that gives an advantage and/or changes anything in the game is a direct violation against our rules and will result in a block for your accounts. This counts for hacks, cheats, exploits, bugs, third-party bots, macros, .. - but not only. Any physical "program" like the "Drinking Lucky Bird", a ventilator or a coin between keys are not allowed as well.
Aditionally the Administration has the right to not provide evidence for the punishment of a player.
And the Administration has the right to refer to the beginning of these rules if needed.

4) Account Sharing and giving them for free:
Giving another player an account for free is allowed. If this was done with the Administrator.
If an account was gifted you loose the right to use this account. You also loose everything from this accounts. This doesn't belong to you anymore.
In case of a ban for a gifted or shared account you don't have the right to contest the ban because this occured on your own risk. You also loose the right of giving you anything back in case something was taken from your account - it does not matter if your account was gifted or shared.

5) Territory Capture

It is forbidden to use the multi-client in the capture area or near it. If there are two or more characters in the capture area or next to it that belong to the same person, then all characters are blocked.

+ It is forbidden to be in the territory capture zone with 1 IP address for more than 1 character. Even if a brother or sister comes to you and plays from another computer.

1 ip address = 1 character. (This is a rule only for capturing territories.)

6) Terrain exploiting

You do not have the right to use various location bugs for the purpose of making a profit or for the purpose of inaccessibility for other characters in PVP. (hide in houses, or any other objects) The blocking will be only if you did it deliberately with the aim of obtaining personal gain.

7) Bug Exploiting

If a player finds a bug or a glitch in game, he/she needs to report it immediately, or will be considered bug exploiting. This rule applies to known and not known bugs and glitches. If you are in doubt about something you discovered, contact our Staff about it.

8) Duping or trying to dupe gold or items

Of course not allowed to do any of this, this is the worst offense, and we will remove who ever attempts this from our server completely.

9) Fake Reporting
Trying to report a Staff(Police) Member with fake proofs or manipulating proofs to get a Staff Member removed from their position because you hate them or for any other reason, is a very serious offense and it will get you permanent banned. This also applies to the common player, if you submit fake violations, you get a block.

10)  Constantly begging for things 
Asking any player for gold, help leveling or farming, or anything similar is completely forbidden. If the player replied refused to help you or does not want to give you money, you do not have the right to beg him or impose on him. You can ask for help, but if you are rejected, you must stop asking for anything from this player.

Punishments for breaking Rules:
1. Insulting Police member: Account blocking for 3 days / 7 days / 30 days.
2. Insulting Players:
   1. If the insult followed for the first time - silence for 24 hours + pig mask. (you will stop receiving cash online as long as your character has a mask)
  2. If the insult is repeated within 14 days - silence for 72 hours + pig mask. (you will stop receiving cash online as long as your character has a mask)
  3. If the insult is repeated for the third time within 14 days, the account will be blocked for 3 days + after the completion of the blocking, the player will be silent for 7 days + pig mask. (you will stop receiving cash online as long as your character has a mask)
3. Selling an account or advertising other servers is - permanent ban. (It is forbidden to sell even your weapon for real money.)
4. Using Hack and any other programs.
  1. The first violation is 20 days of blocking.
  2. Second violation - 60 days of blocking.
  3. The third violation is permanent blocking.
5. Multi client: Multi-client on a siege or on the capture of territories of locations - blocking for 14 days.
6. Using bugs for profit. For example, your character is AFK, but you turned off the AFK mode for loyalty box with the help of an illegal bot and became richer than others due to a bug: in this case, the administration has the right to delete your cash and not only + block your account from 7 days until the permanent ban.


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