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Hello People.

Many players on this server are the opinion that our alliance use cheat programs. Also they write this in worldchat and sometimes they writethat admin would allow us to use it. thats the reason for no punish.

I think it would be nice if @Admin could be there on next weekend and look in loggs or whatever. So everyone can be sure that this sieges are full of clean players and all play fair.

Also the @Admin can take look for bugusers. if someone write "You stay in stone i cant click on you" the player need to move. And take care for other bugs.

I hope it is possible that the @Admin would be there on all 3 sieges next weekend or the best would be all sieges.


Have a nice day 🙂

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HI all,

as i remeber the  Admin come to sieges, but remember in his local time the siege is late in the night. many times he was present in siege but no one of us was playing pvp seious. just AFK for token. so i can understand when he do not come.

I think the server need a larger number of staff. (Admin , GM , GS) to help new comer, make events and clean up the trush talk in the global chat. Many new comer stop playing here when they see all the flame and hate in the global chat.  But this is an other Problem.


But, the server need more presence of the admin and/ or staff members tnot only on sieges.




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