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i am not happy how voting was changed

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Hi Forum,

i really dont like how voting for the server and the rewards for it  was changed in the last update.

In my situation my pc can only can run 2 accounts of LC at one time so i can t login 5 account and get cash from them. So voting is a major source of cash income for me.

1. Voting

Before the update i could vote for the server 4 times a day. With  2 of my accounts on my smartphone via W-Lan and mobile data and 12 hours apart.

Now were voting is only possilbe ingame i can only vote once a day.

I also sometimes do onside work wer I am not at home for a week and when i can t vote i lose my bonus for voting days in a row. And the rewards for the first days are really not good.

The solution for thats would be to activate voting on the website again.

2. The Rewards

First of all the equipment exp you get for voting are absolut laughable.

Even in the best case after 10 days you get 3 000 EXP thats basically nothing in a world were you need millions.

My suggestion would be to just remove them.



The amount of cash you get for voting. Solution 1 or 2

1.  When we get voting on the website back the rewards would be ok.


2.  If it is wanted that we can only vote once a day and only ingame 850 cash per day is a bit less.

     And my suggestion would be to add 1 Diamond for voting.Thats someting that has an unique value and not equipment exp that are useless.

     Maybee not for the first day but for voting a few days in a row.


Now its up for debate in the communtiy.

Would be good if the admin answers what he thinks about it







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I Agree with @NitroExpress96 partialy.

The new voting system is really good. As you already see the amount of votes increase and you will see next month the server will keep first place or second. (War-LC have the same system but we have as i see more players) I know you can not vote anymore from your mobile but the others players are better invited to participate on vote and that is the sense of the voting.

The rewards are really laughable. Specially the amount of exp. The rewards are not the motivation to vote, but just to remove this popup :-D

I Do not agree with you for diamands, the diamands are added to give people who donate real money an avantage  and this is ok. They should get when they spend real money. But the admin added the diamands to tower rewards and the they lost this importance. Adding them as votring reward will nake them useless. In this case better we have only cash.



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i guess admins at the 3rd party voting site won't be happy if we vote from multiple accounts. i vote only from 1 account, it allows 2 times a day.

small equipment exp reward is needed so players don't forget the fact that they need to farm exp equipment levels. need 21 levels for 5 pieces of 185 armor and more levels for other stuff.  exp requirment increases from lvl to lvl rapidly, 25000 for lvl 2, 32500 for lvl 3... more than 100 million exp needed. you'll probably spend all your free cash for exp scrolls in the process of farming for months.

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17 hours ago, GoodNightZ said:

I agree with @Maniarin i like the voting system butmaybe the equipment exp could rise more than just till day 10...

but 850 cash roughly equals to 115,934 exp or 154 coins (per potion lvl 3 price). maybe we should be awarded with less cash? 3000 exp = 22 cash. give us 22 cash instead of 850.

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Hi, I understand what you are talking about, but this system is really very effective, the awards have become a little better, I see no reason to give diamonds for this, because Mani has already said what is really true. In addition, voting can be cheated on this we cannot give many awards.

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