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Hello, we have been working on this update for a long time, there are both positive and negative aspects, which are more for you to decide, we took many risky steps, we changed a lot.

With this update, I believe the influence of cash on the player has decreased, now it is much easier for him to develop than it was before. We did many things to the detriment of ourselves, we removed a lot of content that brought us money, we did all this just for your sake.

We also improved many systems, fixed many bugs, changed the economy and PvP-PvE system. But with all these changes, we tried to keep Enjoy in the form in which you loved him. I suggest that you check everything yourself before making any conclusions.

In this update, we did not waste time on protecting the server from hacks, but we promise that the next updates will pay attention to this.

From now on, the event starts for 72 hours.

  • X2 cash online for all players.
  • X2 more items of equipment for fast leveling of equipment.
  • X2 more experience for the keeper.

Game Change:

  1. We have changed our game rules, please study them so that you will not have problems in the future.
  2. Potion Extra Luck now lasts for 3 hours and costs 2 times less.
  3. Jewel Fusion: now you can exchange 3 jewel of the same level for 1 random one.

    Screenshot_10.png.4373599b90fccd3176b063cf1d52fcb5.png   Screenshot_11.png.86a27e80bd9d45692ced547d7370d0ba.png
    * I inserted 3 level 16 jewel in exchange for a level 16 random jewel.
  4. Affinity: we changed all the rewards, we changed some trade items, now there is only what you really need.

  5. Added quest for newbies to get a costume.

  6. Potion of Increasing Health + 5-10% and everything connected with it no longer exists.
  7. Misty Canyon this location replaced Survival Dungeon. This is where you can get rank for weapons and armor. 



    Rank Armor Box: Chance 50%.
    Rank Weapon Box: Chance 30%.
    Premium Wings Box: Chance 100%.

    Screenshot_16.png.40239fbaf3466ac497ad25c7d30c0e9e.png  Screenshot_17.png.793114ade703720fd9574370251f9187.png

    + Now it is possible to improve weapons with the help of weapon ranks.

  8. Added new potion: Potion Double Reward - [Dungeon Juno] You get 2 pieces of reward instead of 1. (3 hours)

  9. The daily point quest system has been removed.
  10. Infalion: It doesn't rain there anymore.
  11. The rune system has been completely removed.

  12. Imperial Guard Even Wayne:


    1. The store is available after 3 days.
    2. Changed siege reward: now you will get Box Blessing.
    3. Visiting rewards have been partially changed.
  13. The pirate cloak no longer exists, we will replace it with a portfolio of marijuana.

  14. Fortune buffs are disabled for all costumes.
  15. Bot: Fixed bug with gi buffs. (Please write if there are problems)
  16. Item Guide NPC: We have updated the item + removed all unnecessary items and also improved the work of the entire system.
  17. Fixed various bugs and removed non-working icons.
  18. The start panel has been changed.

  19. Added an additional quest for faster leveling of equipment.

  20. Dark Cardinal Boss has a new drop that helps newbies a lot.  (Cardinal Armor Box  image.png.1ab85bb3deadc3ff3135762061c34123.png and Cardinal Weapon Box image.png.6c5f72ad81668682c266f3b9001f6733.png)
    Cardinal Armor Box image.png.1ab85bb3deadc3ff3135762061c34123.png - [Full armor for you] Contains 182 level armor. If you're lucky your item will have an improvement from 1 to 4 stars. (Re-form)
    Cardinal Weapon Box image.png.6c5f72ad81668682c266f3b9001f6733.png - [Random Class] Contains 183  level weapons. If you're lucky your item will have an improvement from 1 to 4 stars. (Re-form) 
  21. Capturing territories: now for the capture of the tower, all guild members who are online will receive 180 cash (if the guild has the Great Prosperity skill, then there will be 210 cash). After 6 hours of tower defense have passed, the guild will receive 1 diamond per hour. 

    Any member can collect all diamond earnings in full if they have permission.


    The number of locations for capturing territories has been reduced from 8 to 5.

    If we see that there will be no competition of captures or something else, changes are possible in the future.
  22. Added new items to the cash shop.
  23. If you've always dreamed of snowboarding and you had nowhere to put a bunch of materials, now you have the opportunity to use them as intended.

  24. Loyalty Box can no longer be transferred to another player.
  25. Title: We've made huge changes here. Now you create a title for only 7 days, but at the same time you can choose the stats that you yourself want. (maximum 4 reps for one stat)


    Yes, I understand that many players spent 1 and 2kk cash on this, perhaps more, but you must understand that I did it not because I want it, but because players who find it difficult to get it because they lose interest in competing with old players and they just leave. I lost a lot of money from this change, just like you.
  26. Added a new merchant.

  27. You often told me ADM we need GS, we need GM, I really hear it but I don't think it will help improve the game in any way. Even now, I disagree with this because in this area there is more personal interest than helping a real player.

    I sit one evening and think what can be done to satisfy you and at the same time to have a positive effect. I decided to create my own police station. I will be interviewing and recruiting police officers who will have some powers, the size of their powers depends on their level of service, at the moment I have created 6 levels. The higher the level, the more opportunities the employee has in relation to the player. Employees are subject to a special code and if an employee violates it, he will be suspended.

    How does the level rise? Very simply, at level 1, an employee can only use invisibility and that's it. These are all his rights at this stage. To increase the level, a police officer must send reports to a police car and after processing ADM he will be awarded experience points. And it is possible that in the near future it will move to level 2. There he will already be able to give out silence. In general, the higher the level, the more opportunities. I will give more information later.

    The police officer gets more cash online. This can be said to be his additional salary, the higher the level, the greater the online cash bonus.

    How to become a police officer? It is necessary to pass an interview, at first 5 vacancies will be opened. I will give more information later.


  28. We have done a great job, translated our game client into 6 languages, now we are a truly international server.


  29. Added support for directx 9, +10 fps is stable.


PvP or PvE Changes:

Damage Reflection: Damage Reflection reduced by 2%.
Victorious Blow damage increased by 7%.
Smite damage increased by 6%.
War Stamp: Damage increased by 5%
Uppercut damage increased by 6%
Spin Chop damage increased by 6%.

Conclusion: Warmaster began to do more damage, but at the same time reflect less damage, now he is much better in PVE + PVP, he will also do more damage, I believe that in this change Warmaster will become much more competitive.

Ax Crasher: Increased damage by 10%.

Conclusion: I find it very strange that very few people choose Highlander, I think that this is one of the strongest classes at the moment, it has a Concentrate Attack buff that gives it 90% of the accuracy of all skills, also the attacking skill Lightning Strike can huge critical damage over a fairly long range ...

Knights Templar:
Pillars of Ice damage increased by 9%.
Shield Chop damage increased by 9%.
Defense Posture: now gives not only defense but also +2 abs, also reduced the decrease in running speed under the effect of the effect and increased the duration of the effect.

Conclusion: Templar has benefited from the Defense Posture, which will allow him to last longer and also received more damage in PVP and PVE.

Fallen Stat - increased by 30%.
Great Curse - slows down the enemy's speed by 2 times.
Boomerang Pulse damage increased by 9%.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, we see that Witch has problems, we tried to strengthen it with these changes, if this does not help in the future we will add even more improvements for this class.

Spring of Attack Power - increased by 50%.

Conclusion: Now Wizard has more attack.

Punish - Damage increased by 4%.
Stun Shot - Damage increased by 4%.
Deceiving - Damage increased by 4%.

Conclusion: We see that Ranger is quite small and probably there are reasons for this, but it is still a good class, we tried to add a little damage to it and we will see how it will improve it.

Last Aman Standing - Reworked, changed animation, changed damage. Also added a new skill for a stone to the combat stone system.
Meteor - Damage increased by 7%.

Conclusion: Not so long ago we significantly improved this class, perhaps very few people were able to feel it, but we made decent changes for it and unfortunately it did not change anything, today we tried number two, I hope this time it will be popularized among the players.

Do not forget to use two buffs at the same time, I find that it helps a lot.


Economic Changes:

  1. In a cash shop, prices are reduced by 50%.
  2. Reduce the reward for using shop cards by 50%
  3. Online cash reduced by 50%.
  4. We took 70% of the cash from all the characters. (in fact, we took only 20% because the prices are now 50% lower.) Why did we do it? First of all, in order to normalize the economy on the server, one way or another periodically it is necessary to regulate the economy so that it helps in the future. We take 20% of the cash, at the same time we do not increase the prices of various goods and reduce the dependence on cash for the players. I hope you understand why this is.
  5. Voting now gives 500 cash.
  6. Gold: In bot mode, you now get 50% less gold instead of 30%.
  7. We took 30% of the gold from all characters.
  8. We have reduced gold from monsters by 15%.

Thanks to everyone who sent us their ideas, I am very grateful to you.

I did what I thought was necessary, I think it should help us, these changes should improve the situation, maybe not today, but in the future it will affect. I wish you to familiarize yourself with the update and only then draw some conclusions.

Enjoy the Game!:classic_love:


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