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Since March 10, our hosting has been on fire, this affected the work of the site and the forum, unfortunately it was disabled until March 21. But we were still significantly lucky because our sector was not exposed to a fire, but was simply turned off for security purposes from the power supply, and therefore the forum was unavailable for so long.

You may have already noticed that our online has dropped significantly, yes indeed it is, our audience has decreased enough, but I think that we will be able to increase the audience again due to large-scale changes and a competent server management policy. For 5 years we have already had such situations and as you know we have always successfully found a solution, I think this time is no exception.

Unfortunately, the donation was unavailable for 12 days, now everything is working well and we will be glad if you encourage us.

You probably want to know what we are doing now? I will gladly answer, we are preparing a big update, in which many directions will change and also something new will appear for you. We will try to do everything so that the new player wants to come to us and the old player stays with us. As you know, we never stick to online, we always follow only our preceptual position and always live and live like this, but we always hear and discuss your words, even if these words are not pleasant for us, we all analyze them exactly, sometimes we can be wrong, sometimes you can be wrong, mistakes make us wiser and that's okay. In fact, we are very grateful to you who stayed with us even in this difficult time, we want to wish good luck to those who left us.

We decided to translate our game client into 5 additional languages.
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Brazilian (so far we are thinking about it, but maybe it will also appear with us)

We will do absolutely everything to make you and your friends comfortable to play after our global update.

The update will most likely be completed within 20 days. If we can do it faster, we'll do it sooner.


Enjoy the Game!

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