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Hi, I have prepared a small patch today.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I had a lot of personal affairs lately, I did not manage to make a big update, but today I decided to download what I have already done so that you can play comfortably.

Snow Battle will be disabled automatically on February 1st.

You will have the last chance to get the most valuable Christmas items on January 31st, wheel of fortune will be launched for only 24 hours


  • New cash items:
  1. Toad Leash - 200 diamonds.
  2. Nightshadow Greek Costume - available. (9250 CASH)
  3. Card of Attendance - This card will help you stay attendance to the arena even when you're offline. 7 days working. (5250 CASH)
  • I just noticed that we don't have 185 shield. That's why we added it to the Imperium scroll.

    Screenshot_9.png.99f1d5981716f1b04b48eb385c5ea23d.png     Screenshot_10.png.f65fff99c27953d1c99a79915631e54a.png
  • Fixed bug with pet transfer.
  • Sharp Needle now works correctly.
  • God's reward can no longer be discarded with other potions.
  • Fixed bot start problem. (I think it will work well now)
  • Guild: Affinity bonus - works.
  • The information component has been improved, now it is clear to beginners what items and what they can improve.

    Screenshot_7.png.0eeaa8e18e9369e835871c4c59647237.png    Screenshot_8.png.a1b42cc335c162e9d9e9fe19566cbb54.png


I will try to release another update by February 7-10th, please be more active and suggest your ideas. I am surprised that some problems have existed for years and you do not even tell me about them, I want you to be more active than you are now. :classic_blush:

I have some new ideas, but I need more time for them, I promise that I will start implementation as soon as possible and maybe I can please you at the end of the month.

Enjoy the Game!:classic_love:

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