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Dear players, we decided to update our forum, because the functionality is already quite old, we must develop and go further so that our product becomes better day after day.

We have created a forum on a separate hosting to meet all the requirements of reliability and security for our community, we have transferred all your accounts and important guides that will help you and other players on our server in the future.

We will try to develop it even more actively than the old one, because the forum is the main service for communicating with you, here you will always receive an answer from the administrator. I always answer all messages that come to me here.

I hope it doesn't take you long to get used to the new functionality. We tried to keep the design in the old form so that the transition would be the most comfortable for you.

I think Christmas will last until January 10-15, by which time our team will try to release an update.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Новый год большая картинка.jpg

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