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Hi, today we have made some changes to the game.

We also decided to update our forum, perhaps very soon we will present an updated forum.

- Now it takes less time to visit the arena. Instead of 45 minutes, now 30 minutes.
- Infalion of weapons in my opinion today is difficult for new players to get, so I decided that with the amount of content that we have, we must make it easier to obtain the main weapon. Much faster now the new player can get it.


- Fixed bug with Santa's cat buff.
- Fixed technical inaccuracies.
- Added new C2 weapons.


- Elemental: Spirits do more damage in PVE.
- Long-Lasting Pak: now it is 1 item.


* Cash - Potion - page 3.

- Now if you entered the battle of snowballs, you will not be able to come there as another character (if you entered with one character, then you can no longer enter there with any other).
Enjoy the Game!  wub.png 
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