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  1. There is a difference between your idea of usage and the reality I guess. Purposely putting a bot in the city of a map with a bot on range of -1 might not be a hack or bug but it does disturb the purpose of the game. Therefore, the player should be punished. The single reason why someone does that, is to block all other activity on that map and that's definitely not in the servers' interest and shouldn't be in the one of the admin.
  2. Hi there, I would want to suggest a limit in the range of the bot systems. I mean there is no reason to have it any further than 100 and by that people cannot use a character to block whole maps for other bot systems. Currently, one is not able to use a bot system on some channels in seerene land or keeper land, just because someone put a bot with range -1 somewhere on the map. This should also become a reason for a 30 day ban and not only for that char but for all chars which run the same IP-Adress Greetings
  3. I agree that it is a PVP Event, but the behavior of the players leads to the fact that even if you are active and trying to fight in it, you dont get a reward due to the fact that you get killed instantly. There is a difference between allowing a good pvp and punishing those who are just not there yet. Not everyone has full armor and weapon and so on. I saw you standing at the snowman all the time but never killing monsters and other than us, you dont get killed for some reason. So dont even try to say that you didn't receive a reward because you have been playing. Standing afk in fr
  4. The "new balance" of the battle is honest bullshit. The team balance is so off, its much worse than before. @Admin The enemy team kills you directly if you even try to leave the platform and therefore you dont get a reward in the end, even if you manage to leave the platform and collect some balls you never make it to give them to the Snowman. Beside that they only kill the players who are not in their guild or alliance and therefore they still receive the award while most other dont.
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