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  1. Again and again the same after 2 years they keep insulting his watch how much your pig mask is used, this person had the pig mask 2 years ago for insulting my mother, "bitch", heavy insult and a mask of pig 24h wow, big punishment for an insult, pig mask what to do? create another account and op the cash always goes up useless just hides an object that allows the other player to laugh at you because you have been punished while many others have not;).
  2. ~One~

    Bot System

    I agree with you that this blocks a lot of interesting spots. But Mania as your team had fun CH2 putting their character on the BOTs I ask to the administrator the impossibility of launching a bot if someone is already there (as well as the possibility of stopping the bot before the time) and I was not the only one to make this request for this modification because many were fed up with doing this KS their CH2 bot. Today CH2 the problem of people who put their bot on those of others to prevent their farm is over. After removal, this is not a solution, but improvement can be made. Ex
  3. ~One~

    Bot System

    you don't block a map by putting your bot on -1. I just tested, my RK on -1 at Juno and my NS on 100th, n zone my RK went out of its zone of 100 and I was able to launch the bot
  4. ~One~

    Bot System

    Reducing the area can be a good idea, Punishing if the bot is on -1 several characters is a bit strong, especially when some may not know how it works, or forgetting after dungeon to put it back in an area. In addition, before ch2, several people put their robots on yours to break your Drop and which was not punishable (hence the appearance of zone restrictions;)) (My point of view)
  5. ~One~

    Bug fix?!

    Mania, On the circle you put a character in melee on an area of 38 from the center, The 2nd character on a maximum area of 44, wait until the character of the spot boss is down and your bot launches or vice versa , or if you know the person with whom you are grouping, I have done the 2 techniques to group or not and I leave as many crowds as before the creation of the zone (2 towards the box, 1 between the houses, 3 in the trees on the left) I even managed to throw a bot out of the ark on an area of 45 which stuck whoever was at the entrance of the boss area, so like I said above, it's just ba
  6. ~One~

    Bug fix?!

    Je suis d'accord avec vous @ GoodNightZ , j'ai le problème sur le donjon numéro 3 pour le buff P2, dans la première partie du 3 impossible de lancer un bot. Le problème est dans la plupart des donjons. La zone bot est très bien faite, elle empêche les personnes qui mettent leur bot sur le vôtre de le faire. Après que certaines personnes ne savent tout simplement pas comment ajuster un bot, ou ne se rendent pas compte de ce que représente la zone (@Admin un effet, lorsque nous mettons le bot avant d'appuyer sur start, qui colore la zone, peut être une amélioration, et que certains comprennen
  7. ~One~

    3 suggestions

    Or put it at 17h30 and 921h00., like on weekends, as some may be there at 17h00. and not at 21h00
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