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  1. @Maniarin i guess the player have set up his bot correctly, but the bot system itself is malfunctioning. mobs can attack you even outside of range (player can't get close because of obstacles, but mobs don't know such problem, so the bot can't even switch target being engaged in battle with unreachable mob)
  2. fixed link https://bit.ly/3cypccB what is this bot doing? bot.mp4
  3. what is this bot doing? https://bit.ly/3cyfpccB
  4. but 850 cash roughly equals to 115,934 exp or 154 coins (per potion lvl 3 price). maybe we should be awarded with less cash? 3000 exp = 22 cash. give us 22 cash instead of 850.
  5. but current bot system still not only blind, it doesn't even feel if it stuck against a wall and can't make path of 3 points. if there's obstacle in target radius, bot eventually move behind it and will be unable to move out and will stuck forever. also when target cannot be attacked behind obstacle, the target still can attack you, and in this case bot will also stuck forever. monsters follow a little different rules. monsters smarter than bots. and you sell that thing for cash? shame.
  6. Bot System Lv 5 (AI) Will be able to utilize power of GPU to run deep learning neural net for castle siege and PVP tournaments against players, and also chat.
  7. i guess admins at the 3rd party voting site won't be happy if we vote from multiple accounts. i vote only from 1 account, it allows 2 times a day. small equipment exp reward is needed so players don't forget the fact that they need to farm exp equipment levels. need 21 levels for 5 pieces of 185 armor and more levels for other stuff. exp requirment increases from lvl to lvl rapidly, 25000 for lvl 2, 32500 for lvl 3... more than 100 million exp needed. you'll probably spend all your free cash for exp scrolls in the process of farming for months.
  8. no. uninstalling game requires PC access which i won't give to a bot. i delete 185 lvl chars all the time to start new ones and lvl up for fun. they are getting rewards for guild attendance: elite wings, 2000 fame potions.
  9. Bot System Lv 3 (AI) Abstract: at next level, in a distant future of Last Chaos, maybe year 2049, in addition to Lv 2, and instead to being apart, bots can make parties, take and complete quests where need to kill many fat monsters, those better to do in a group.
  10. Abstract: either for practical use or fun, make bot system which can automatically level up character from Lv 1 to Lv 185 using teleportation to various hunt locations, use own buffs and potions without user input, auto-equip and upgrade items with HS, runes, jewels, buy potions, anything it may need from merchant, also sell unneeded loot to merchant by TP or merchant ticket as backpack becomes full, possibly taking care of pets, while also using "social" actions for better user experience. as before, it may not hunt boss monsters.
  11. Some buffs require to select your own or friendly character which bot system cannot do. Buffs don't go into query, so if another skill is used, the buff will be missed.
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