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[07.04.2018] Great Update! 'COMPLETED'

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 07:07 PM

Dear friends,
We have prepared a major update, we hope that this will help improve our situation. I give you a guarantee that we will actively begin to advertise the server if you support us, we are returned with new ideas.

If you work long in one direction, then sooner or later it becomes boring and the idea ends, and at that moment need to take a break. We are grateful that you gave us the opportunity to take this pause and come back with new forces and ideas. We will try to make this server even better.

You know me for a long time, I always try to give you something new and unique, from you I ask only one, help me, scold me if I do something wrong, and we will find the best solution and our server will again be №1.

- Level Cap 200.
- Lesty's - no longer exists, we have left this function.
- ExRogua and Archmage: are not available. (If you previously an ExRogue character, after the upgrade it became Rogue.)
- 'Dash' has a new animation, because the old animation does not work correctly.
- Added new features in game settings.


- Premium Character Package: teleporter 15 / 100.
- Imperial Legion - reduced by 25%.
- Premium Character Package: Added respawn 'Dark Cardinal'.
- 'Triple Bash' and 'Instant Damage' -  Damage reduced by 5%.
- New interface of the NPC Teleporter.
[Change in the economy.] 
  •    СASH ONLINE x5. 
  •    CASH Vote x5. (200 / 1000)
  •    Premium Character Package: x3 CASH.
  •    Donation is increased by x5. (1$=800 / 1$=4000)
  •    CASH Rune x5. (35 /150)
  •    CASH Shop: the cost of goods increased x4-5.

Why did we do this? 
On the server a large number of CASH, this is bad for the gaming economy and for the financial point of view. Active players do not lose anything, we just increased the number. This is done because many non-active players have from 150,000 to 350,000 CASH, they do not play, they just keep these amounts, we are concerned that they can go back and start selling or breaking the economy in the game. Therefore, we have taken such measures.

- Removed the location 'Mondshine'.
- Socket Manager: Added new item.


- The fatigue system was removed.
    * Akan: Carapace Treasure Box - drop from monsters.
- Many technical problems have been fixed.
- Random Jewel Lv. 10-12 can be obtained from any monsters.

- New location 185-200 level. 


- Added Heroes Infalion.
In order to join you must:

  1. gold 
  2. Blessing of Phoenix
  3. 190 level.


- After you join you will be on level 1. (max 4 level.) 

What bonuses give levels?

Level 1. - Bot System [9 hour] - 2 PCs . 
Level 2. - Your character ignores a 15% decrease in CASH.
Level 3. - Evasion increased by 2200.
Level 4. - Blessing of the Phoenix II. + 25.000 HP + MP 15.000 + beautiful effect.


- New boss monster. (respawn is 60 minutes.) Drop - 200 weapon.


- The armor 195-197 drop the monsters.


- If you help Corpse, you will receive 'Unidentified Corpse' in return, you can exchange this item for 100 CASH.



- New quests have a teleporter.


                                                                              Enjoy the game!

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