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[19.12.2017] Christmas and not only:)

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Posted 19 December 2017 - 04:20 PM

Hello! :rolleyes: 

Dear players, we are pleased to announce the completion of the Christmas update.
In this update we made many other changes, I hope you will see this as a necessity, before each change we try to foresee all the pros and cons.

Every new update is given to us more and more complicated, but we will not stop to please you with all sorts of new update. We are grateful to every player who plays on our server.


- Juno in the Christmas mood.
- Elven Tiara [PVE-15]: works correctly.
- Dragon's Breath: Increases attack by 10% 8%. 
- The bot system is available for free for 3 hours on new characters.
- Blessing of Phoenix: does not increase the character's HP in % of the ratio, now it's a fixed increase of 15.00 HP.
- Since that moment, HP characters have decreased by about 15%, respectively, the attack, too. You must understand that to move forward this measure was necessary, option already have too high indicators, we were forced to reduce them so that in the future we did not have 1,000,000 of HP in the characters, we think that we do not need this. This will not affect the game, just your HP was less.
- Changing pets buffs:
  • Fortify speechcraft: increases attack by 6,000 4,000.
  • Enchanting: increases HP 20,000 18,000.
  • Soothing Presence: increases  HP 14% 12%.
  • Murderous Intent: increases attack by 12% 10%.

- Lucky Box: changed the price 490 / 390.
- Loyalty to the Guild: increase attack 13% 11%.
- Fixed bot system.
- Christmas events.

Make a wish and give Santa Claus snowflakes. The more snowflakes, the more likely that you will receive a reward.
Players from the wish list will receive prizes:
December 2017:

16-21 - top 10 players.

22-27 - top 15 players.

28-31 - top 20 players.

January 2018 year: 
1-3 - 20 Players.
Next to 5 players... 

At exactly 21:00 Berlin Santa Claus will awards. 
And execute desires of 3 random players. 

Wish List is updated every minute.


Items that can be obtained for snowflakes. Don't forget the more you give the snowflakes the more chances You have to get a reward from Santa.




- Updated the game.



- Grow your own Christmas tree.



- Changed the location of Akan.


- Black Tyrant Ramslo's and Norg: the way of obtaining 175 armor is changed. Now you need to open just 1 box to get a complete set of 175(+6) armor.


- Now you can upgrade your gear to level 3. This created a new Lesty's.
  • [Level 1]  - you can get "Lucky Box"


            * This set is already with you, Lesty's 1 Lv does not give bonuses, only stat increases.
  • [Level 2]  - you can get "Lucky Box II"

              * When you get all Lesty's 2 Lv., your character will receive a special bonus of a new blessing level 1.
  • [Level 3]  - you can get "Lucky Box III" 



* When you get all Lesty's 3 Lv., your character will receive a special bonus of a new blessing level 2.


- When you equip your Lesty's Lv. 2 armor, your armor will look like this:

* Here you can see what color Lesty's you need.

- Bonus blessings that you will receive.




Thank you for your attention, I very much hope that did not disappoint you with my work.
Enjoy the game!

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