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[11.09.2017] Bot systems and other

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 12:59 PM

Dear friends!


The administration is concerned about the problem, many players began to use the bot system while not thinking about the consequences, from now on everyone who uses the bot with the help of extraneous programs will be blocked for 30 days.


In turn, we are ready to offer you a legitimate bot system that is built right into the game, we designed it specially, you no longer have to use the suspicious program's side, you can use the bot directly in the game.

We noticed that you have become more active, offer interesting ideas for future updates, I like it very much, I want to say thank you, the best ideas are already in the development. Continue to offer ideas and lead discussions, this is necessary for a better result.

You have 3 days to try your luck in Mystic Machine, you can increase your replenishment in x3! The bonus only works for the first replenishment amount, the larger the amount of replenishment, the greater the bonus.

* If your character is created within 7 days, you can not apply for the x2 and x3 bonus.

* If your character is created within 14 days, you can not apply for the x3 bonus. 
* It does not increase with other bonuses.



- P2 increased time all Buff.

- Now on a farm pigs you can not summon monsters.

- Automatic use of Booster.

- Server time changed to Germany.

- Rank has become more useful, it now gives evasion and hit rate.
- There are adjustments in the balance of the characters.
      * Medium Medicine + 4 seconds.

      * Strong Medicine + 4 seconds.
      * Last Aman Standing - the ability has suffered many changes, now has more damage and a new animation application.
      * Offense posture - Additional attack is reduced by 25%, running speed and skill duration are increased.
- Added a new bot system in the gameplay, the bot can be bought in cash shop.
If you use bot you will get:
40% less of the Gold.
30% less of the Experience.
20% less of the Drop.


* When using a game bot, the player has a special icon, this will help to determine the player violates the rules or not.

- Changed the rune stat, now they are better.


- In extreme Juno added a new mini boss. Drop "Survival Box" the chance of 60%. "Survival Box" contains a variety of valuable items, such as a Glory Point, Potion, Combined Fodder and other
  * To summon the mini-boss you need to kill the "Ore Mine", the resurrection time is 5 minutes.


* Only about 20 pieces of "Ore Mine" are placed on extreme locations.

- Now all AFK characters will receive 30% less cash online. Active players will have more motivation to be in the game.

Enjoy the game!

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