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Hi friends, we made a big enough update today and hope you enjoy it. You have probably already noticed that our updates are not as frequent as before, but unfortunately we cannot make updates more often because our content is limited, but we always try to make you comfortable to spend your time here.

We will try to release another update by November 5-10th.

- Investigate the amulet is displayed correctly.

-The amulet can now be obtained through PVE content.


- Potion Equipment XP Update:
       *Potion Equipment XP - limit 250.
       *Potion Equipment XP ll - limit 2500.
       *Potion Equipment XP lll - limit 2500.
- Cash: Pet Fairy cost increased.
- Halloween Popenian is now a mount.
- Agronomy can now only work with 2 multi-clients. (as before 5 multi-clients will not work, the system will not give you a job)
- The bug with bypassing the AFK mode with the help of the bot has been fixed, next time please inform the administration about such problems, otherwise I will block the accounts.
- You can now vote for the server right in the game, the rewards have changed.
       *Day 1: 300 CASH + 400 equipment experience.
       *Day 2: 350 CASH +500 equipment experience.
       *Day 3: 400 CASH +600 equipment experience.
       *Day 4: 450 CASH +700 equipment experience.
       *Day 5: 500 CASH +800 equipment experience.
       *Day 6: 550 CASH +1,000 equipment experience.
       *Day 7: 600 CASH +1,500 equipment experience.
       *Day 8: 650 CASH +2,000 equipment experience.
       *Day 9: 750 CASH +2,500 equipment experience.
       *Day 10: 850 CASH +3,000 equipment experience.
- Balance of the characters has been changed.

  • Lightning Strike +5% урона.
  • Axe Crasher - Curse Removal Scroll does not cancel


  • Call Lightning - + 35% damage.
  • Magic Arrow - + 15% damage and skill stopper removed.
  • Power Storm - The skill stopper has been removed.
  • Power Storm II - + 7% damage.
  • Holy Bless - + 45% damage in PVE


  • Stun Shot - + 10% damage.
  • Punish - + 15% damage.


  • Boomerang Pulse + 7% damage.
  • Dark Smog + 5% damage.
  • Great Curse - + 5% to slow down speed casts of enemies.


  • Meteor - + 3% damage.
  • Last Aman Standing - + 3% damage.

Today starts game event Halloween.  5i0wcfFeWKE.jpg

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays with origins going back thousands of years. The holiday we know as Halloween has had many influences from many cultures over the centuries. From the Roman’s Pomona Day, to the Celtic festival of Samhain, to the Christian holidays of All Saints and All Souls Days. ibapINNiU6Q.jpg

Halloween event will continue until November 5.

 1. Added the ability to collect Halloween collection and exchange this collection for Halloween glasses. Halloween glasses will come in handy for you to create a new Necklace. 

* In order to get the Necklace you need to get 3,000 points. Necklace can be obtained only 1 time, you will be given a choice, think before you make your decision.
* Halloween Necklace will be removed on all characters on November 15.




* Terrible Miss -   if your enemy has a halloween necklace, then when attacking an you will lose 1% of your HP for each miss skill. The new Miss design will only appear when you have a Halloween necklace.


2.  Halloween Tree: To get the buff you need to decorate the tree with baskets.


3.  What do you need to do to get Halloween item?


4. To get Halloween items, you need to get or buy a costume. The only difference in them is that the Cash has HP and MP and the other does not.

* Get a suit in exchange for 500 Empty Basket. In this costume there will be no HP and MP.


- October 31  all players will be able to extract sweet candy from monsters.


- Every hour, in any location may appear boss monster "Horrible Snowman".



* Here, you can always know the exact location.
* If this icon disappeared, it means the boss is dead.

* IMPORTANT: If the boss is dead, the "Treasure Map" will be removed.

* Treasure Map only works when the boss is alive.


5. Added Halloween lottery, the cost of the game is 2,000 CASH.


Halloween Hooka:


6. Added a new quest for a new pet Miss Kitty.


Buff P2 Miss Kitty:

1. Gift on the Way - Halloween gift box is on its way to you. Buff will stop working after November 15th. (Only where the box can be summoned up)
* For 2 hours in the game you will receive a gift box with a reward. Important: when the buff ends, you must be near the monsters. (there will be no gift in the peaceful zone)
2. Horror Vampire - Increases the attack of the owner.


7. Going into dungeons with friends is now even more fun. Now when a boss monster dies, Halloween Witch is summoned after his death boss. Inside it are great rewards and a new mount. (How many people attacked the boss of the monster, so many Halloween Witch will appear.) If someone did not take part in killing the boss, then Halloween Witch will not come to him.

New mount:




Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:


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