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Make buffs that characters rely on to be effective last longer.

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I play Specialist (which already feels kind of weak compared to say RK) and for me to do a decent amount of damage I rely heavily on Haste lv 2 and my fire/wind buffs for cast speed. These buffs only last ~40 mins and have to be reapplied regularly which means I can't reasonably bot with my Specialist. An RK can use a God's pot and bot for a whole day unattended with basically full damage output. I would greatly appreciate if Haste and Sorc buff skills could last long enough to be left unattended for at least 9 hours, or some similar buff to Sorc (and any other class relying on Haste). It's clear caster characters are balanced around having Haste vs RK which needs nothing. It's a huge disadvantage when it runs out.

Or rework the bot system to apply buffs easily.

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