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Hello, we have prepared a new update, we decided not to touch the old content because we believe that we have it in optimal shape. And we have been looking for an update idea for a long time, which will increase interest but not harm the old content, and I think we found it. I apologize that there have been no updates for so long, this summer is very difficult for me, but I will try to please you more often, it is difficult to find new ideas because I worry so as not to make things worse and therefore sometimes I look for a long time for ideas for developing the server and increasing interest.

- Agronomy in Juno is a peaceful zone, you can no longer turn on pvp or summon monsters there.
- Fixed new technical errors of Korean developers, with the help of which it was possible to crash the character. 
- New items have been added to the item guide.
- An item has been added that allows you to make a full scan of a character, but this is a rather expensive product.
- Riddle Vales opens up new spaces, the map expands.
- Added a new system of amulets, there are 3 of them in total.

* Melee Physical Attack Amulet
* Ranged Physical Attack Amulet
* Magic Attack Amulet


1. To activate you need to get Key Amulet:


2. After activation, you can put on any amulet, the amulet requires 1 level of equipment, therefore 25 level of equipment is now necessary for your character to be full.

3. Where can I get the amulet? Everything is very simple, you need to take a quest and kill the boss of the monster with a party. (equipment level required 15+)



                    3.1  The boss has a respawn time of 3 hours, so for everyone to be happy it is better to kill him with a big party.


There are 5 printing levels.
Level 1 - White.
Level 2 - Yellow.
Level 3 - Orange.
Level 4 - Green.
Level 5 - Blue.

As you can see I have a blue seal, it means that I got the maximum value of this stat.

                 3.3 1 stat is created automatically when you receive an amulet and it cannot be removed or changed by anything, so 1 stat remains with you forever. All subsequent stats can be canceled using the Crystal Clear item.

4.0  How do I get a new stat?


* The amulet has about 20 different stats, so here's how lucky you are.

As you can see, I need 50 experience. Where to get experience?

You can get experience from monsters in the location Riddle Vales.

  • Normal monsters have 1 experience each.
  • bosses from 30 to 200 experience.
  • From the boss Senator from 300 to 1000 experience.

* The only requirement is the amulet must be worn for you to gain experience.



Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:

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