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It's the time to talk about the server and some player. We want understand if some player have advantage here from admin or just they have good set. I would like avoid to post it in other forum like elite pvpers and something else.

There some royal, like player AhmeDBen0  that have more damage than other normal player. Same for evasion and hitrate.  I have try to do some pvp against him, and it's impossible to win against him. Why?

Honestly we don't want play in server where there some player that take advantage from admin. So, if it's like that, we are ready to leave with the whole guild.

If im wrong about player like him, i would like to knew the set to this player, socket everything, because it's the only one  (or others in the same guild)  that are able to have damage, eva ,hitrate and they are impossible to kill out.

Admin would you like give us an answer?



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its the good set and he famred everything completely. There are still many players who think they have everything but didnt finish the dungeons for rankstone necklace and so on.

And be sure noone get advantage of Admin.

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Hi, to be honest, it really makes me laugh from everything that happens. For the last month I have been building a house, and all I do is, by some magical miracle, give someone the advantage. You can think what you want, I'm not going to prove anything to anyone.

Before everyone else, I want to apologize for my absence, I will be back with a new patch in the nearest future.

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