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Hello, here's next update. Unfortunately, we cannot release the update too quickly because our server already has a lot of game content and we are limited in functionality, now we are focused on improving what we have. We plan to solve our problems as best as possible, I think it's time to do it, our measures will gradually be aimed at improving game functions, on PvE content and on character balance, because this problem is more urgent than ever. I see that some characters are not relevant at all and are lost somewhere, we will work on it.


  1. Achievements:
    Now when you get level 15/30/45/60/75/90 you get a full set of equipment as it was before. The reward window will open automatically so that you can pick up the reward and most likely see it.

    + Removed irrelevant awards.
  2. Newbie:
    A new storyline has been added, which is in the inventory, appears only on new characters, it will not be on the old ones. The storyline consists of 10 quests that give good rewards and help a new player get comfortable on the server.


    + When you get 31 levels, you are offered to choose a Specializations char in a place convenient for you. 
  3. Green Lucky Pouch: now increases attack by 25% 30%.
  4. Sorcerer:
    ELEMENTALIST - Jail of Water skill skill reproduction is slower.
    SPECIALIST Last Aman Standing - Damage increased by 15%. / Shaved Ice - Damage increased by 10%. / In the avatar of fire +2 abs. In the avatar of earth +5 abs.
  5. NS can now also work on the agronomy.
  6. Disabled all useless quests from 1 to 50 levels that automatically climb out from the side of the screen.
  7. The most important gift for you in this update, now every 20-40 minutes any player can get absolutely from any monster "Experience Boost Reward" image.png.8ec2b14a4eec01f0943eba7419bfee87.png

    Experience Boost Reward image.png.8ec2b14a4eec01f0943eba7419bfee87.png : [Level Armor] This is a very valuable item, if you were able to get it then you are very lucky. Inside is an Experience Boost from 100 to 1500 pieces.




    * This item cannot be picked up with a bot.
  8. Boss Locations: Blue Horn Beast - Fluton respawn reduced to 30 minutes.
  9. Premium Teleporter: no longer works if your friend is in PvP mode.
  10. Added information for some NPC.

Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:

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