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Patch 3.8 - Update PVE Content

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Hello, sorry for the long update, we had to take a little break to finish personal matters in the home. But now we are with you again and are ready to present you a new update that is developed exclusively for you. You will get more nice items for simple actions.

Game Changes:
1. Loyalty Box: now, when 20 hours pass, the reward must be picked up manually. After 20 hours have passed you need to click on the icon and the reward will be in your inventory.
2. New mounts have been added, they do not have a buff, perhaps someone has long dreamed of new pets. (cash item)


3. Fixed Description.
4. Imperial Legion: affinity can be joined without completing all affinity. (+Fixed a bug with the completion of a faction through an item)
5.  Easter event ended.
6. Fixed various technical bugs.
7. Moonstone Golem: item rank has been replaced with a new reward.
8. Achievements: the rank has been replaced with a new item.

New features:
1. Added an agronomist system. This is a new event that is available 2 times a day, for a little work you can get great prizes. We tried to make it as comfortable as possible so that you enjoy it. 

You can work on the farm only in a special agronomist costume. Doesn't work for NS, we'll do it in the near future.



When is the event active?
Every day from 16:00 to 17:00. And from 21:00 to 22:00.

What is the job?


1. To get started you need to buy an agronomist costume.
2. After you bought the costume, you have access to mini tasks that must be completed in order to collect the reward.

  1. Take the knife from the NPC and cut any 3 plants in the garden.


  2. After the pruning is completed, you will receive a rake and you will need to plow out 2 plants.

  3. After completing two tasks, the NPC will give you fertilizers and you need to fertilize one plant.

  4. And finally, you just have to water 5 plants.


All 4 tasks take about 15 minutes and then you get any reward of your choice:


Here you can get new pets.




2. We see that there are few active players, many players spend their time in afk mode and this is not very good. We made a decision to create a new system, Enjoy Plus.

Every 2 hours you can go to the NPC and get the Enjoy Token. To activate this system you need to spend 8,900 cash and you will get much more if you are active.




We have tried to make everything as simple and convenient as possible for you. At the same time, so that the awards are really useful.


Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:

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