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Today we want to please you with another update, we are pleased to announce that our server is in stable mode, online players are stable every day and even increase slightly from day to day.

We are actively recruiting police officers, if you are interested in volunteering to improve our server, then you can create a post with your resume in this thread: link

Easter brings fun, Easter bring Happiness, Easter brings God’s endless blessings, Easter brings love and the freshness of spring. Happy Easter to you and your family!



- Easter event added.
1. So you can collect eggs you need an "Easter Hair"
*You can get a hair by completing the quest.


image.jpg - Easter Egg: can be obtained from any monsters.

2. Once you have received Easter Helmet, you are eligible to search for eggs and can receive various rewards. Every hour, 2 locations are selected and in each location there are 20 eggs drop.


2.1 If the eggs still remain then you have raised ears:

2.2 If all the eggs collected your ears fall down:


3. In honor of Easter, Easter eggs will be hidden all over Iris and Screenshot-25.png Easter eggs.
Eggs can be anywhere. Even on the bodies of defeated monsters! As soon as you find an egg - open it and get a prize.

What prizes can I get?


4. Added a new weapons for cash.


- Improved German translation. (Thanks to SolInvictus) If you see problems in translation, you can tell us, attach screenshots and write the correct version of the translation to make it easier for new players to understand.
- The old Jewel of 1-5 levels is now exchanged for the same old one.
- Capturing territory: After you have left the territory of capture for 30 seconds, if someone kills you, he will not receive a red nickname. Also, if you kill such a character, you will not receive a red nickname for him. (It is important that 30 seconds have not elapsed since leaving the zone.)
- Various bugs fixed.
- Gods' Reward Potion: can no longer be disabled with regular potions.
- NS weapons can now be viewed in the cash shop. (this system has some problems, but we did everything we could to roughly understand what a weapon looks like)
- Added new monsters to the Wonderland location, from these monsters you can get 25 pieces of Experience Boost.


- Wonderland: Added new affinity "Robot Capture".

Requirement level 18+ equipment.


This faction is unusual, it is different from all the others. You will not receive points for killing mobs. To get points you need to get Bomb.

  image.png.3daf1f6363e1a64fa097d8ad65f6052b.png - Smile Bomb: [Items Affinity] Offered and receive 4.000 points.
  image.png.45ca6b6e3c633202f6df381c291f6481.png - Powerful Bomb: [Items Affinity] Offered and receive 2.850 points.
  image.png.fcf48dd194729b7b48f0b015d7485911.png  - Simple Bomb: [Items Affinity] Offered and receive 2.000 points.


To get bombs you need to find robots. Robots attack Wonderland only after you and other players have killed 10,000 monsters. (you can see the information from the affinity NPCs how many mobs are left to kill) After the server kills 10,000 mobs, everyone who has 18 level of Equipment will receive a blessing image.png.8a2ce48b564768a1b85d3173eb298d71.png  that allows them to see robots in Wonderland. Just remember you have 15 minutes, after that the next blessing will be only after 10,000 monsters. 

If you want to complete the affinity faster, you can always use potions.



After you complete the affinity, you will receive a unique Keytrap Necklace.



Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:


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