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Hello, we have noticed that our online has increased significantly, we hope that it will only get better in the future, we will try our best not to disappoint you.


  1. We have expanded the boundaries of gold at the time of purchase, now when you have a lot of gold it is displayed correctly.

  2. Affinity Altar Dakun: now if you accidentally deleted the "Godsbane Ring" you can buy it.

  3. Haven of Keepers: we increased the drop of Mithril and Bloody coins by 40%.
  4. Laca Ball: now you can automatically open tokens.
  5. Bot: now you can activate the bot closer to another player, which will increase the space in the locations. Misty Canyon is a rather small location, we came to the decision to completely remove the restrictions on the radius between the players, now everyone can put the bot wherever it is convenient for him.
  6. Capturing territories: we see that there is no competition in the seizure of territories. We will make adjustments until it is competitive for everyone. We will not allow one guild to grow rich and everyone else to look at it from the sidelines. We knew that this would be the case, but decided to try to see, all our fears were confirmed. Now, from this moment on, each tower has a resource of 10 diamonds, after the resource is exhausted until another guild makes a seizure of the resource, it will not be updated.image.png.fe9e8f35a3c4d35c97c46668e9af3195.png
  7. Wheel of Fortune! (only 72 hours). link
  8. Added link to discord.

  9. Replaced disabled items in various events. (Ships / Word of the Day)
  10. Today we plan to start recruiting police officers, news will appear on the forum.

We started work on improving client protection from hacks, I think that in a week we will be able to implement this in a new update.

Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:

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