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Hello, as you know, we have been working on the update every day for 14 days, seven days a week. I told you earlier that the update will be ready by April 20, but we are now moving ahead of the schedule and perhaps on April 10-15 the update will be installed, we strive as quickly as possible.

We have done a great job, a lot of changes that will really affect the future development of the server. But now I want to tell you only a small part of all the changes, I will leave the rest a secret and you will find out only at the time of the update release. I am making this post only because you have been waiting for a long time and you probably want to know what I am doing.

1. The client's translation is currently 60% ready in all 5 languages. There is still a lot of work to be done, because our server has a lot of items and functions that are really difficult to translate in such a volume.


2. You often told me ADM we need GS, we need GM, I really hear it but I don't think it will help improve the game in any way. Even now, I disagree with this because in this area there is more personal interest than helping a real player.

I sit one evening and think what can be done to satisfy you and at the same time to have a positive effect. I decided to create my own police station. I will be interviewing and recruiting police officers who will have some powers, the size of their powers depends on their level of service, at the moment I have created 6 levels. The higher the level, the more opportunities the employee has in relation to the player. Employees are subject to a special code and if an employee violates it, he will be suspended.

How does the level rise? Very simply, at level 1, an employee can only use invisibility and that's it. These are all his rights at this stage. To increase the level, a police officer must send reports to a police car and after processing ADM he will be awarded experience points. And it is possible that in the near future it will move to level 2. There he will already be able to give out silence. In general, the higher the level, the more opportunities. I will give more information later.

The police officer gets more cash online. This can be said to be his additional salary, the higher the level, the greater the online cash bonus.

How to become a police officer? It is necessary to pass an interview, at first 5 vacancies will be opened. I will give more information later.



3.  We reformed the entire system of affinity items, removed unnecessary rewards and removed useless items, also added new items, I think you will have time to look later.


4. We've added an endless quest that will help you get more equipment experience items.


5. Survival Dungeon will no longer exist, it was replaced by Misty Canyon, now it is much easier to get a rank, and a rank for weapons has also appeared, which can also be obtained in this location. 


6. New merchant: (new players will find it useful)


7.  Added support for directx 9, +10 fps is stable.


Perhaps this is all that I would like to show you now, this is only a small part of the changes that have taken place, everything else you will see only in April.



Enjoy The Game! :classic_love:

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