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Hi friends, there has been no update from me for a long time, today I completed it.

As you have already noticed, online has decreased significantly, there are good reasons for this, so all our efforts will be directed to increasing online, because now the most important thing is to help new players and keep old ones, we have decided that we will spend more time in the game and spend less time for updates, because at the moment the main task is to attract new players, I understand that many are tired of our server, but we are not going to give up, we have always come out of a crisis situation, and this time we will do the same.

As you have already noticed in recent months, we have facilitated many game functions and I think this has a positive effect on the development of the server, in this update we also prepared a gift for active players, we will try to increase the number of active players and thus the server will life in a new way.


  • Random Plush Box - Halloween Coin has been added.
  • Elemental: increased damage by spirits in PVE by 100%.
  • Valentine's Day is disabled and its items.
  • Installed summer juno.
  • Temple Knight: Baller now works correctly and this skill has been improved 5 times.
  • Blood Shadow Dragon is always available, invisibility is disabled.
  • Potion of Increasing Health (3-10%) can now be traded.
  • Potion Extra Luck now shows which item has increased chance.

  • Vampire Fangs are no longer required for the ship.
  • Now, for every 20 hours online, all active players will receive a special box that contains great gifts.



    What prizes can I get?
          1. image.png.053a9152e2338f552e5b23aa07928ea9.png - Wings Box  (you can get any wings for your class, we have added 18 new wings.)
          2. image.png.d90362f86cbf4ccbbb0ca27528478421.png - Mystical Machine (a new game for donation, for example, if you are lucky you can get a x2 bonus for donation.)

          3. image.png.6f4fd5d101f7e3cd7df5e4ad6dfdc296.png - Cash Ticket (5000)

          4.image.png.ea591c3ce49fdbe932496276edfbdc0c.png - Bot (2 pc)

          5.image.png.aa04cc39255685c10fa05043cf7661db.png - Orange Sharp Needle.

          6.image.png.1396861118e15e9bc7deab14f6f6a4f2.png - Star Re-form 3 Lv.

          7. image.png.5e578ab27a005b94698f53a1ab088d00.png - Medal Jump 10 Lv. Equipment

    * As I said earlier, this gift is intended for active players, for this time it is not valid if you:
    1. If your character is in bot mode, time stop.
    2. if your character is afk, time stop.

    If you cheat, in various ways, so that time passes and you are actually afk, we will block your account. If you create a new account in order to cheat - don't worry, we will find your main account.

    You can see the new wings here:

    Mystical Machine:



Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:

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