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Patch 3.3 - Update Valentine

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Today we have a new update.

The next patch will probably be on February 20, all chocolates will be disabled, so you shouldn't postpone them, you'd better exchange them for prizes.


  • Dungeon Akan: added more monsters, now there should be enough skulls.
       * Now, for every dungeon you complete, you will receive a Silver Dungeon Key. When you have 10 keys you will be able to open the Riddle Vales affinity box.
  • Riddle Vales: Added a new affinity. 

    Screenshot_9.png.8a57d16f603a25eb33a7afbfad4f32ec.png    Screenshot_10.png.8c502631fb3f8a75d63faa780842074f.png
  • Added a new event: Valentine's Day.

    1. To take part in the event, you must first get a buff.


    2. When you have a buff, you get chocolates from monsters. 
    3. After you have collected a large number of chocolates, you can exchange them for prizes. To do this, you need to buy "Chocolate Wrapping Paper image.png.0c7bb281a0dad134ed2716c859aaa339.png" and place a chocolate bar in them. In return, you will receive: image.png.2aad70b3a6bc9b786affc457a4192fa2.png image.png.bb431f538fdc8e920e5c8b1ee7269411.png image.png.c97c55bde60024d41c767df449ae531b.png


    4. Then you need to put the Wrapped in the Collection Box. The main thing here is to observe the correct linear order, I tried to show this in the screenshot.
    5. Almost finished, now we need to take the full collection of NPCs to the Domain Merchant and collect our reward.

    * the more points, the more prizes, maximum 5 prizes.
  • Added Love C2 weapons.
  • I tried to decorate the juno a little to make you have a pleasant time.
  • Disabled everything related to the Christmas event.
  • The 'COVID-19' item no longer exists. Now the whole world has a vaccine and we said that when this happens we will disable these items.
  • We've added the ability to get rare pets at any time of the year. It is up to you to decide whether to use it or not, you asked to give you an opportunity - we gave it.


  • Fairy:
    * Now the all buff takes 1kk gold.
    * Now you can understand what item is required to open an additional slot.


  • Added a system notification that players can vote for our server.

  • Card of Attendance - Now time goes by if the character is offline.
  • Fixed technical bugs.
  • Affinity Serene Land: Vampire Fangs is no longer needed, I disabled it. Also 3 potion of resist no longer exists, now there is 1 potion that gives the same.



Enjoy the Game! :classic_love:

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