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Not Enough Memory

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Hi, if you get this error, then I can only sympathize with you, we do not have a complete solution for this problem, this is not only on our server, you will also find it on the official server.


I spent a tremendous amount of time solving this problem. I have information that will help you. This error occurs on any windows. The problem is your video card, if you get this error, then you are like me, the owner of the GTX 1050/1060/1070 video card ....

What to do if you really want to play comfortably?

Use the GTX graphics card until 2014. (problem only with NVIDIA GTX 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019)

Use AMD video cards, they are perfect for our game, even if your 2019 video card

Try displaying the screen through the VGA motherboard

What should I do if I have already bought a GTX 10 series and do not have the opportunity to change the video card:

You have few options. 
Download the latest drivers from the official website: link   (In any case, you will continue to receive errors, but I think they will be less.)
You can also optimize your settings in the NVIDIA control panel, make all settings maximum, in this case, my tests showed that errors become less by 20%.
You can play full screen. In this case, you will not get errors at all. Your game will be error free all the time, but I'm not sure that this method will be convenient for you.

Unfortunately, I have to finish, that's all I managed to do for you. I'm really upset, but I can't solve this problem myself, maybe you will have new information for me, please let me know if you have found some other way that helped you. Thanks for attention.
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