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  1. stimmt aber OMG ist kein Wort sondern 3. Schweig einfach baby. Oder komm zu mir, ich warte auf dich ch1.
  2. Hey! GZ :-) would be nice if you post how you fixed it, maybe some one get the same Problem.
  3. Deine Meinung über mich finde ich irgend wie süß. Habe dir schon mal gesagt das ich dich ganz lieb hab? Ich finde es gut das das spiel dir so viel freude erbringt. So soll es sein. Wenn wir wieder gegner haben, für die wir eine cleri brauchen, werde ich dein Rat nachgehen. PS. Irgendwie gibst du zu das ich eine gute cleri bin. Ich kann dir auch einige Sachen beibringen, du hast dich nur für die falsche Seite entschieden. ;-)
  4. https://www.deepl.com/de/translator#en/de/ intellectual level for you baby. and this is for you too baby https://www.deepl.com/de/translator#en/de/Why are you so mad%3F
  5. you want show us you intellectual level? and you need for it a tranlator?
  6. There are a lot of reasons why the server is not good frequented at the moment. We talked many times about it here and on chat or in game. But let talk what can we ( players ) do to mouve some old players to come back to enjoy-LC, or mouse new players to switch from other servers to us. The LastChaos community is small, so we have to do our best ;-) - Voting: I think only the top 3 servers on the ranking can win really new players - Help: We have to help new players. THis server have a lot of custom implementations, new player do not know what they have to do first. We can help by
  7. Lol, the Admin do not ban us?!!!!! Uzzy's healer is banned, doll's mage was banned. I never cheat and insult that's why I never will get banned or muted. When you have proves report me the Admin will Bann me, I promise you The server is empty, yeah true, we can discuss about it. There are reasons. But not the points you named.
  8. NO is not, but its really noob, you see the TK try to move me outside the pvp area and to take me away from party members so they do not get heal. Telekinese remove target so you cant use Master Heal. But its ok, can manage it :-)
  9. @Rockstarx i hide the chat same all do. I do not want you see guild and privat chat :-) All do this, why are you looking arguments off topic to cry. And why you cry? it was good PVP and you won. Where is now the Problem.
  10. Come join Enjoy-LC and participate on daily PVP events. Scarlet described how it is exiting on the bestway :-) https://i.ibb.co/FX9vkk6/scarlet.png
  11. Guide - Valentines Event - How to use Chocolate added to playlist
  12. zwar offtopic aber hier ein Screenshot von gemeinsame Zeiten mit Rica. Ganz gut befreundet waren wir damals nicht. Sie war genau so opfer wie euch die Tage https://drive.google.com/file/d/10O754lTyfySq_YF6ZEp2k78M-3xGakyp/view?usp=sharing
  13. @xScarletOverKill do you really think an admin of any server whould not ban you if he read what you are typing there? Why was you typing that on global chat and do not care if some one report you or not or maybe the admin is online and read it. I tell you why. YOu do not care about your chars, you are online just for this shit talk. That is my opinon about you and your friends.
  14. I do not claim, i jst say that all you do. and it is maybe the reason why you are most hated. Maybe you have noticed, i am not farming anymore, my char is full and i do not need to farm anymore
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