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  1. Hey, The bot is concepted to interupt attack when the attack is not possible ( you can se this cancel in the system logs). The player is attacking two mobs in two different direction which are not reachable because of the obstacle. So he run from one side to other. The mobs are both aggro and trying to reach the player but are blocked by the obstacle too. In this combination the player gone in a endless circle till one or mobs comes in the target to change the unlucky position. But it is known that this spot ( and others too ) have this problem. The bot have to be set up in a differ
  2. If you set up your bot correctly (correct start point and correct range)you do not get this problem. I know this spot sucks event when you want to play active there.
  3. Hi I Agree with @NitroExpress96 partialy. The new voting system is really good. As you already see the amount of votes increase and you will see next month the server will keep first place or second. (War-LC have the same system but we have as i see more players) I know you can not vote anymore from your mobile but the others players are better invited to participate on vote and that is the sense of the voting. The rewards are really laughable. Specially the amount of exp. The rewards are not the motivation to vote, but just to remove this popup :-D I Do not agree with you
  4. Maniarin


    HI 1. Wrong section 2. As you can read in the Quest title "Reward of the Ship" You can find the Ship NPC outside juno (Northgate) Teh ship arrives Monday, Wednesday and Freiday at 16:00 german time and stay for 4 hours. greetings Mani
  5. Bot System Lv 4 (AI) Delete chars and Uninstall game when Bot lvl 3 finish his work
  6. All the power of Witch ( the Queen of PVP :-D) is disabled on this server. All her Debufskills can be (Auto) removed. I remember when i come to this server, the witch removed all buffs and haste:-D. At this time it was hard to play cleric :-). A witch is a support PVP char it should not make dmg but only get her debufs back. I know it wil be hard to do, but that my opinion in theory. Greetings Mani
  7. HI, oh i guess this is a bug because the admin removed coin of courage. Maybe he forgot to remove them from the merchant. hope you get your gold back:-) For wish usage did bought this coins?
  8. In This case it will be unfair for defender. because the timer run when you are fighting, and you win after 1 h also when you can not kill him. I think is is perfekt as it is now. The one who want to win have to get a good guild. I Would go more, absorbing should work only with 3 chars. We see a lot of 1 char guilds getting the tower when all are afk and getting all the cash solo. This is in my opinion unfair. Maybe so we will see more big guild, not only single player guilds.
  9. Maniarin

    Guild buffs

    Hi, Agree with @Smee it really annoying. maybe the admin change it when a notification window of buffs is open, it use the availeble buffs and do not open more windows.
  10. I agree with admin , this is an guild event and should stay the same. At moment no one active, that is a temporary problem. Hope soon it will change. But maybe you can make NPCs can't enter the area. And @GoodNightZ you can you P-Buffs or Guild buffs, i do not remember now without loosing absorbing. So you can get heal ;-) When you make medicine possible while absorbing, a cleric will can take the tower solo.
  11. LOL, why i was not there? did you gone to ch1 outside ?:-D
  12. Haha, yeah i mean him. Since i know him, this gay type something each time he see my name (Insult or not, IDK , IDC, i do not translate). Maybe a real love relationship. For me is ok, i smile, he is funny. I don't understand why he hate me so much. I helped him really a lot at begin when he comes to the server, i take time and translated a lot to explain him how to farm infalion, where he get the armor etc... But as i said, some ppl do not care like me. Other maybe get disturbed and loose the fun why they are coming for . Grretings Mani templari0 <3
  13. HI all, Hi @Admin the main problem is not the single insults. no matter on how hard the insult is. The problem is when some one insult you continuously. I hope @hunter allow me to take her case as example; some one follow her all time (i man her many days) and tell her you friend don't fuck good let me fuck you better. Or in my case there is a player who insult me each time he se my name and a name of my chars (Many players here will know him). The people here are different. Some players (my case) smile, say i love you too baby and enjoy. Other players get disturbed (case of hunter), loo
  14. toll, jetzt fühle ich mich beleidigt:-D
  15. stimmt aber OMG ist kein Wort sondern 3. Schweig einfach baby. Oder komm zu mir, ich warte auf dich ch1.
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