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  1. Hell Fireballs has even higher Damage but 20 Seconds cooldown.
  2. Yes one hit makes more dmg but Damage per Second is what matters
  3. Here some Feedback to Patch 3.5 Okay but there is no MP Consumption... for some HP/MP okay. no... Point 3 Costumes have a Buff. Costumes have 20% MP Consumption only on the chest. Mage: Witch: Don´t get it... now a power of 95 WHY?????????????? no Buff ok but only PVP useless in every situation. 1. Boomerang Pulse DPS is lower compared to Dark Smog. 2. Boomerang Pulse is a AoE skill and damage only 3 mobs. 3. Boomerang Pulse is NOT usable i
  4. Cant receive my coin that i buyed. Receive All and one per time not Working.
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