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  1. I have to give you right, you're done this conversation is of little level, I'll end this here
  2. really now, you don't care who I kill and 3 posts before you complain that I do it ... hello? what's wrong with you?
  3. You know, I think the ADM is well positioned. These claims are weak yes, but your character is still the worse one,
  4. you can all write under the belt, that is how you recognize your character and I don't owe you at all.
  5. whoever sits in a glass house shouldn't throw stones! never heard?
  6. Most of the adults play here, if you think about their age, and now you want to make me know that I should explain to you what my members are writing? You are busy all day banning people who are becoming dangerous to you, and we are becoming dangerous to you, we have proven that to you more than enough. and yes we kill so what? You not? how was that ... is a PVP game? then stay on 2 there is this channel
  7. Really now? You firmly believe what you are saying is fine. I am not destroying a server and I am not bad at this one. fact. I mean you badly because that's you. You use every bug, and when it comes out, you've only tested it, you're the most banned players, and sending in the same screens every time doesn't work anymore. I love being the most hated. loved, hated, damned, adored :-) Or why are you running after us?
  8. The only reason why so many go here is you, first you take all guilds into the alliance, then there are arguments because these alliances want more than you want to give. Then when the alliances are dissolved you try to drive the people out. Many guilds are broken because of you. When I founded my guild Most Hated <3, some wished what we do, we won't let you drive us away and stay here. Do what our name promises. It's sad what you keep trying to submit the same screen by yourself to ban people, and then so brazenly believe that the ADM doesn't notice. If it is noticed then quickly submit an
  9. the quality of your video is as bad as the way you play ... and now you can cry
  10. Eiskalt

    pvp vs hak

    well, if Luzi hacks you too, look at your speed, furthermore YOU should be very quiet, on another server KINXXXX.uk you have already been banned after 3 days because of ceat engine .... so enjoy yourself ain't not caught here and finally stop crying
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