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  1. Hi, it's just good set, nothing more You need only to check which jewels are good and which one aren't :D
  2. Guild buff have medicine
  3. @Admin again, we didn't say anything and he speak like this with us Translate: "son of a bitch let's go to 1 out of town"
  4. Becouse i can't edit after 5minute i put again photo. Translate: "That of what you presume to give, your friend has eaten it for a few days, and the ones you have left, by the way give it to your father. (is about d.ck) Or you turn it around and stick it up your ass and by the way leave the game and learn some education I think they left that class in your little school, you were hunted mocas go where the chickens bite" And after i show him who have the school and who don't have. That is he's attitude when we speak in world chat. I'm sorry, but never saw him
  5. I will always make a reply when he will talk like this with us. Translate: "who are you talking about yourself or your father?"
  6. @Admin always when me(ExStAz) and Maniarin say something in world chat, always this man say something. We love him couse anything else he don't know to say.
  7. ExStAz

    pvp vs hak

    Then you don't know what p2 to put in fairy 😂😂😂😂
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