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  1. many use fake accounts to insult, where do they take cash deposit to give? also they can play the same, so it's not a punishment. To me, like so many others, you gave perbann for the use of bugs, in a personal dungeon, even if it was the first violation. Why are you so indulgent towards those who insult heavily for months? I really don't understand.
  2. I don't understand what's wrong with saying: you don't have to insult in real life, you don't have to insult the family, you don't have to insult loved ones who are no longer there, otherwise you won't play anymore. In my opinion it is a rule of education, which everyone should have
  3. what I wanted to tell you is that the pig mask does not involve any substantial loss, as far as online cash is concerned you are very generous, so losing them on a single character is not a great damage. Writing can be written with other characters. You can play anyway. So where is all the harm of this punishment. Tell me why people should be careful about insulting. And I'll tell you more, many find the pig mask even funny. Also if you insult the sever then ban, if you write in your language in the forum even ban ip, forgive me but you have a very, very personal yardstick
  4. are you aware that with this statement of yours you are legalizing heavy insults? So you sympathize with those who insult! But I don't think that if the insults were about you, your family, a pig mask would be enough. I agree with you on one thing: it's your house, you put real money in it and set the rules
  5. you're right, too many things are not punished, not punished for hach, for insults but punished if you don't write in English on the forum.
  6. ban and perban are useless, they use fake characters, if they are also permban they don't care. Ban ip hurts more, for a week, 10 days, 15 days, see how they think before they insult.
  7. There are servers where admn are not afraid to ban for insults, for example this: Offense: Permanent Ban
  8. good evening, i don't know if you will really change your policy of how you manage the game. Several times I have complained about the heavy insults, not punished adequately. Your answer has always been the same: I can't do more than putting on the pig mask. You will understand that a game is made to distract you, not to think about what is happening around us, but log and read: HANGED, BUT THE COVID HAS NOT GOT YOU YET, HEAVY INSULTS TO MY PERSON IN REALITY, TO MY FAMILY, TO MY DEAD , not the best way to get distracted. If they had been punished for example with the one week ip ban, (ip ban t
  9. but it was not forbidden telekinesis to the towers ????
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