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  1. das einzige* einzigste ist ein wort, welches bei korrekter grammatik nicht existiert :)
  2. "ich hab mich weg gelacht vor lachen" bester satz
  3. Just this weeks 5 new players came in our guild. There are new players. But trashtalk in Worldchat and get killed everywhere on bot make the people leave. There was many people who left server as they lost the siege and get block because of a bug. but they just cant loose. the people accouse us cheater but we want to proof it. We write to @Admin he should come to siege and look for us. but at this siege you dont wanted to fight. We was 10 you were 8 so no big difference in players. you always search other excuses, but wont help the newbies. Stop talk trash and focus on your game, farm ch2 ti
  4. @xScarletOverKill you think up a lot of things. But i really like your storys :D Did you know on Kingdom LC you get instand perma ban if you cheat? But you say Uzzy got 14 days for cheat :D Hmmm The Admin of Kingdom dont know anything about it. The story that i have no work. The story my girlfriend canceled the relationship. You want more? :D But i like it youre a good Comedian.
  5. @Apollo13 why you dont answer to my question?
  6. The bot can get started yes but the bot dont attack boss-monsters.
  7. So @Apollo13 you want more players on server? Do I understand right?
  8. hey guys... i got many times the bug in dungeon that i cant start the Bot system because there was an other player next to me. but in dungeons youre solo or with party so this cant be. In big dungeons its no problem... you can run a little and start the bot there. But in Survival Dungeon Ch3 for Stone Rank for Armor its not possible....
  9. @Apollo13 is that the reason why we dont see @EngelLuzifer anymore but @-UzZy- is still there? because @-UzZy- cheat?
  10. @-UzZy- i like the way they cry 😄
  11. 1. ingame you guys said you know what program we "use" and i know what program you talk about and i also know thats not possible with this program. if there is an other program, i dont know. the same time exatly its just if you logg in the game. 2. 17 fps is enough to run with normal speed, also it is not fast like this. 3. i dont understand whats the problem and also idk how you should manipulate a video like this... a few min delay you have everytime. at the moment my 5 windows have all together a difference of 7 min, and a maximal difference of windows time by 14 min. if you
  12. @Apollo13 pls send the report video of @-UzZy- or you cant proof your statement? If you dont have proofes pls be quiet and everyone will think you lie. And maybe you want to see something different then all others? Last time as luzi got ban he said he never used this programs. maybe now its the same?
  13. @Apollo13 you are bad liars... "Noone of our alliance use macro" Who got block for macro? right PrinzMarcus of your alliance 😄
  14. @Apollo13 if you use this programs, the complete client runs faster. so you run faster, skill faster (if its possible, but it is not because TB cant skill faster) and the time goes faster. You see the time on right side in this video. Does the time run normal or too fast? Also you see @EngelLuzifer run faster then @-UzZy- so how can this be? Also @-UzZy- never got ban for cheats. The last ban for cheats was @EngelLuzifer. Aslo the ban for cheats start with 30 days if you take a look into the rules so its impossible that @-UzZy- got 14 days ban for cheats. So @Apollo13 t
  15. I hope the @Admin will block all cheaters of this server.... They dont know how to build a char and loose. and everyone who kill them is a cheater in their eyes. we dont get block so they think they can do it too... But even with this cheats they are not able to kill us because they dont understand on rk it increase just the move speed and not skill speed because rk have no animation. Someone could teach them?
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