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  1. Or maybe add the "MUltible Buff" to Bot system. that we can do it every 5 min buff automatically?
  2. its the good set and he famred everything completely. There are still many players who think they have everything but didnt finish the dungeons for rankstone necklace and so on. And be sure noone get advantage of Admin.
  3. or we could change it for now and if there are more active players we could go back...
  4. So if a newbie attack me and deals my 5k dmg each skill and miss 4 of 5 skills, if this guy kill me after 50 min it would be fair for you??? wtf? if there is a 1 vs 1 the stronger one should get it! So minimal use medicine and owls without loosing the absorb..
  5. At the moment is noone so much active. Yesterday i was closed to get killed from monsters in infalionafter 50 min stay on towers... so i teleport with invisible rogue to the other char that i can use medicine. After i teleport away. Noone else was there to help me.
  6. Since its forbidden to be with more than 1 account on tower, its unfair if you take it solo and a noob come and can kill you and you cant do anything. if you use medizine the absorb stops. and to kill a finished full buff char with a newbie is not hard if you cant use the medicine. Also if you write something in chat sometimes you move 1 step and the absorb break too, but you just send a message in chat. So maybe its better if you just need to stay in this area, and only stop if you leave it (but need to click 1x on tower to start) or it should only stop if you move but not if you use
  7. @ExStAz its the same if I write something ^^
  8. @Admin last time i got pig mask i got 12h. you gave me this 5:00 to 17:00. At this time i was at work. If i didnt check the SystemChat i never knew that i had a pig mask. And if i know it, i can write with an other charakter becaus i have always 5 online. And the cash i loose.... 12x63=756 cash. For real who cares about 756 cash? Other option: If a player insult more than once, he get pig mask with all char, dont get online time cash, till he spend 50k cash or something like that. You need to punish this. 800 cash is no punishment!
  9. okay for third time i agree with you... this time a year and not a week.
  10. I agree with you... hard insults should get ban, and if they dont stop, perma-ban. (hard insults) Insults like "noob" or "stupid" should get pig mask. Also for accouse others for hack without reason should get ban. Others beleave that this person hack, this person dont get a ban and all players think admin is corrupt.
  11. das einzige* einzigste ist ein wort, welches bei korrekter grammatik nicht existiert :)
  12. "ich hab mich weg gelacht vor lachen" bester satz
  13. Just this weeks 5 new players came in our guild. There are new players. But trashtalk in Worldchat and get killed everywhere on bot make the people leave. There was many people who left server as they lost the siege and get block because of a bug. but they just cant loose. the people accouse us cheater but we want to proof it. We write to @Admin he should come to siege and look for us. but at this siege you dont wanted to fight. We was 10 you were 8 so no big difference in players. you always search other excuses, but wont help the newbies. Stop talk trash and focus on your game, farm ch2 ti
  14. @xScarletOverKill you think up a lot of things. But i really like your storys :D Did you know on Kingdom LC you get instand perma ban if you cheat? But you say Uzzy got 14 days for cheat :D Hmmm The Admin of Kingdom dont know anything about it. The story that i have no work. The story my girlfriend canceled the relationship. You want more? :D But i like it youre a good Comedian.
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