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  1. Admin

    Bug fix?!

    ok i will wait for an answer)
  2. Admin

    Bug fix?!

    I'll think about what can think of, thanks for the info.
  3. Admin

    Bug fix?!

    Hi, the bot cannot be launched near the boss of the monster, so it doesn't matter if the player is nearby or not.
  4. Admin

    pvp vs hak

    Hi, I cannot confirm anything. But I can say that this is not enough to understand a person has a hack or not, because this is normal what happens, but in any case the speed is high and I cannot deny anything because everything is possible. I can only say that I now have new characters to check, but this does not in any way mean whether they are hack or not, only time will tell.
  5. Hi, if you have this problem, then you have updated the launcher with the game process running, therefore you need to complete the game process and update the launcher again. How to do it: In the folder with the game run the program 'Enjoy_Helper.exe'. It is necessary to make -5 versions back. If I have the latest version of 1184, I install 1180 and click 'Set version Update'. I am convinced that all the processes of the game are completed and I launch the launcher again and you can play.
  6. Hello, we made a small update that many of you have been waiting for, a lot of technical work here. Change: King of Arena: The rogue now has 10 invisibility charges per round. The minimum number of participants is now 10. The event now start on Mondays and Thursdays. PVP Battle Guardian: no longer exists, we believe that the location of this battle is too large, when there are few participants it becomes boring and useless. Over the years we have created many PVP events, so I think this battle has become obsolete. Perhaps a new version of this battle or something else will com
  7. Hello, sometimes I am surprised why I was not told about this before, but I agree with our prices, this is not very relevant. I will do it more.
  8. Dear friends, Happy New Year From year to year we become better for you, and we are glad that you stay with us! It's time to start the celebration! Let's celebrate the New Year together. The Enjoy server team heartily congratulate you on the New Year, wish you happiness and good luck in the next 365 days. In these wonderful winter days, there is nothing better than spending time with family, friends and loved ones. But at the same time do not forget about Enjoy, we are always glad to see you. This year has been extremely difficult for the whole world, we hope that next yea
  9. Admin

    3 suggestions

    Hi, thanks for your suggestions, we will try to implement something from this in the next patch)
  10. Hello, today we are starting to prepare for the most important event this farewell to this impressionable year, which is incredibly special in all its scales, it seems to me this year is very different and absolutely everyone felt it. We decided to please you, made a really grandiose Christmas that has never been seen by the last chaos. Perhaps thanks to this you will feel Christmas and be able to have fun, but I would like to believe in it, because I am very tired of this update, I have been doing it for so long that I have no strength left, but I hope you will let me rest after tha
  11. Hello, the Halloween game event ended today. We noticed that donations were very much reduced, we decided that this was our fault because many people are better off receiving cash online than making voluntary payments, which is why we decided to add a new currency to the cash store that can be obtained only for donations, this will allow more motivation to donate. Thanks to this, we do not plan to give additional advantages in the game, this is just an additional gratitude for those people who support us with donations. * This does not mean that now all items will be only for diamon
  12. Hi, today we have prepared a small patch. The wheel of fortune starts today. http://enjoy-lc.com/wheel_fortune Change: - ABS now has a maximum value of 175 and cannot be exceeded. - Halloween Coin: was not required to learn, so we added the 4th level of the Halloween RIP skill where required. - Riddle Vales: 1. Boss: Aggression levels are working correctly. 2. Convenient respawn works correctly for all guilds. 3. Obelisk timing is working correctly. 4. Now if Boss is dead, the waiting time remains 1 minute. 5. Monster Boss: Now slightly stronger. - Balance: * W
  13. Friends, today we uploaded a new update, unfortunately, we were not able to complete everything that was prepared for you, but we will try to release the next patch in a week and download everything that is left. Part I Changes: - Cash: * Costume view is working correctly. * New item: Restart Party Dungeon * New item: Secret Investigate - Siege: MCS: Weapons and Catapult can no longer be attacked from respawn. MCS and DCS: Now when you have high movement speed your character will not rise into the air. - Arena King: * If a round
  14. There will be no siege of MCS today! Hello, I would like to apologize for the delay in updates, health has let down a little, but everything is already good, and we can download the update. Today starts game event Halloween. Halloween is one of the oldest holidays with origins going back thousands of years. The holiday we know as Halloween has had many influences from many cultures over the centuries. From the Roman’s Pomona Day, to the Celtic festival of Samhain, to the Christian holidays of All Saints and All Souls Days. Halloween event will continue until November 5. 1. A
  15. Hi, we've made a small patch. We plan to do a big update after the vacation, we will start it on September 10th and I think we will finish it at the end of the month. We have some ideas already, but for that we need a little rest. Changes: - We've added a new costume. - Change Cash: * Potion of Conquest - new price 3350 2850 (Potion of Conquest can now be used once every 12 hours.) * Propensity Potion - new price 785 1990 * Summer Luck is disabled. - Lucky Spell Book no longer works in bot mode. - The elementalist can no longer pull the rogue
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