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  3. its the good set and he famred everything completely. There are still many players who think they have everything but didnt finish the dungeons for rankstone necklace and so on. And be sure noone get advantage of Admin.
  4. Hi, it's just good set, nothing more You need only to check which jewels are good and which one aren't :D
  5. It's the time to talk about the server and some player. We want understand if some player have advantage here from admin or just they have good set. I would like avoid to post it in other forum like elite pvpers and something else. There some royal, like player AhmeDBen0 that have more damage than other normal player. Same for evasion and hitrate. I have try to do some pvp against him, and it's impossible to win against him. Why? Honestly we don't want play in server where there some player that take advantage from admin. So, if it's like that, we are ready to leave with the whole
  6. I have the coin in my inventory, but I can't take that. Why? Admin please check my account.
  7. Level 1: 2500 cash ticket needed (in inventory) Level 2: only the pet lvl Level 3: only the pet lvl Level 4: Halloween coin needed (in inventory)
  8. Hello I can't take skill of this pet. I have the halloween coin in my inventory, but when I go to take it say " for learn this abiity you need ecc " but i have already the right item on my inventory. Please, could you check it and solve this problem?
  9. Hello, here's next update. Unfortunately, we cannot release the update too quickly because our server already has a lot of game content and we are limited in functionality, now we are focused on improving what we have. We plan to solve our problems as best as possible, I think it's time to do it, our measures will gradually be aimed at improving game functions, on PvE content and on character balance, because this problem is more urgent than ever. I see that some characters are not relevant at all and are lost somewhere, we will work on it. Change: Achievements: Now when you ge
  10. Hello, I hope you are also glad that summer has come today, I wish you rest and relaxation after a hard working year. But also do not forget about us, we will always be glad to see you. Today we decided to make a small patch, because enough bugs have accumulated, the next update will be larger, but I believe that we have already issued enough updates recently, but we remember you and will delight you further. With the arrival of summer, we decided to add discounts for some items, I hope it will be useful for you. Velocity of Light - SALE 20% (COUPON = SUMMEREXP20🔥) Ra
  11. Hello, sorry for the long update, we had to take a little break to finish personal matters in the home. But now we are with you again and are ready to present you a new update that is developed exclusively for you. You will get more nice items for simple actions. Game Changes: 1. Loyalty Box: now, when 20 hours pass, the reward must be picked up manually. After 20 hours have passed you need to click on the icon and the reward will be in your inventory. 2. New mounts have been added, they do not have a buff, perhaps someone has long dreamed of new pets. (cash item) 3. Fixed Descript
  12. Hi, thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately, there are really problems, we think on Wednesday - Thursday we will make a new update and we can fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Again and again the same after 2 years they keep insulting his watch how much your pig mask is used, this person had the pig mask 2 years ago for insulting my mother, "bitch", heavy insult and a mask of pig 24h wow, big punishment for an insult, pig mask what to do? create another account and op the cash always goes up useless just hides an object that allows the other player to laugh at you because you have been punished while many others have not;).
  14. https://postimg.cc/WFWNtCw1 https://postimg.cc/HjnWFWTc https://postimg.cc/S2sq0VbF https://postimg.cc/KKQFswVD
  15. [url=https://postimg.cc/WFWNtCw1][img]https://i.postimg.cc/WFWNtCw1/shot-05-01-21-22-32-51.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/HjnWFWTc][img]https://i.postimg.cc/HjnWFWTc/shot-05-01-21-22-33-00.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/S2sq0VbF][img]https://i.postimg.cc/S2sq0VbF/shot-05-01-21-22-33-05.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/KKQFswVD][img]https://i.postimg.cc/KKQFswVD/shot-05-01-21-22-33-08.jpg[/img][/url]
  16. I have problem with last affinity. I have take every others affinity, all are gone. I also have register from imperial legion, but when i'll try to donate coin (coin of wisdom), it say that i don't have. But i have like 3 on my inventory. What i have to do? Please could you check or just tell me what i have to do?
  17. Hello, Today we want to please you with another update, we are pleased to announce that our server is in stable mode, online players are stable every day and even increase slightly from day to day. We are actively recruiting police officers, if you are interested in volunteering to improve our server, then you can create a post with your resume in this thread: link Easter brings fun, Easter bring Happiness, Easter brings God’s endless blessings, Easter brings love and the freshness of spring. Happy Easter to you and your family!Changes: - Easter event added. 1. So you c
  18. Hi, I don't quite understand what 3.6 has to do with it :) 1. This was disabled in the global update, we see the activity of each function and unfortunately this function was not required. 3. You will not notice it as it has changed only by 20% so it is difficult to notice.
  19. 1 Missing daily quests These gave some structure to the games 'day', they were also a valuable source for certain materials. 2 EQ EXp Quest Great idea, implemented well, without devaluing the EQ Exp gained by other players previously. 3 Bots I honestly cannot see any difference whatsoever, I saw 2 toons tie up the entire 'Starfish' areas, leaving the only option to manually kill mobs for quest/farm
  20. Hello, we have noticed that our online has increased significantly, we hope that it will only get better in the future, we will try our best not to disappoint you. Change: We have expanded the boundaries of gold at the time of purchase, now when you have a lot of gold it is displayed correctly. Affinity Altar Dakun: now if you accidentally deleted the "Godsbane Ring" you can buy it. Haven of Keepers: we increased the drop of Mithril and Bloody coins by 40%. Laca Ball: now you can automatically open tokens. Bot: now you can activate the bot close
  21. Dear friends! "Wheel of Fortune" is a mini - game on the official website of Last Chaos Enjoy. (http://enjoy-lc.com/wheel_fortune/) The event will end on April 17 12:00 You can try your luck for 1250 CASH coins and even win the Jackpot. The chances of getting a rare valuable prize are affected by your Luck You can get your prizes from Mysterious Statue NPC. We hope you managed to get only the most valuable prizes! Enjoy the Game!
  22. Hell Fireballs has even higher Damage but 20 Seconds cooldown.
  23. Yes one hit makes more dmg but Damage per Second is what matters
  24. All the power of Witch ( the Queen of PVP :-D) is disabled on this server. All her Debufskills can be (Auto) removed. I remember when i come to this server, the witch removed all buffs and haste:-D. At this time it was hard to play cleric :-). A witch is a support PVP char it should not make dmg but only get her debufs back. I know it wil be hard to do, but that my opinion in theory. Greetings Mani
  25. Here you can see that the boomerang has more damage.
  26. 1. and 3. This is a temporary C2 for a beginner, of course it will be worse than cash. 2. I didn't get it. 4. Power does not matter, we do not change these values when we upgrade, they do not correspond to reality. This is not a buff. _______ 1. Boomerang Pulse DPS is lower compared to Dark Smog. - I'm not sure about this, but I will check if this is the case, we will fix it in the next patch. When we create skills, we do not think about a bot, not every skill should work for a bot. 5. The witch has good damage potential and her skills are not worse than other classes, but perhaps
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