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  2. que pena que estes asi tan amargada,no te voy contestar a tu odio,curate
  3. maria no esta full,y a maria no le importa morir,no armo un drama y me cargo el servidor,como haces tu,porque a maria la cabeza le funciona bien,y entiende que es solo un juego,y no me dejo aqui la vida,me la dejo en mis obligaciones,y juego cuando puedo y quiero,sin mas problemas,tu deberias aprender eso,y dejar de hacer la payasa,que si no te gusta lo que hay,coje la puerta ,la tienes abierta,deja de vivir amargada
  4. das einzige* einzigste ist ein wort, welches bei korrekter grammatik nicht existiert :)
  5. stimmt aber OMG ist kein Wort sondern 3. Schweig einfach baby. Oder komm zu mir, ich warte auf dich ch1.
  6. "ich hab mich weg gelacht vor lachen" bester satz
  7. Hey! GZ :-) would be nice if you post how you fixed it, maybe some one get the same Problem.
  8. Deine Meinung über mich finde ich irgend wie süß. Habe dir schon mal gesagt das ich dich ganz lieb hab? Ich finde es gut das das spiel dir so viel freude erbringt. So soll es sein. Wenn wir wieder gegner haben, für die wir eine cleri brauchen, werde ich dein Rat nachgehen. PS. Irgendwie gibst du zu das ich eine gute cleri bin. Ich kann dir auch einige Sachen beibringen, du hast dich nur für die falsche Seite entschieden. ;-)
  9. https://www.deepl.com/de/translator#en/de/ intellectual level for you baby. and this is for you too baby https://www.deepl.com/de/translator#en/de/Why are you so mad%3F
  10. you want show us you intellectual level? and you need for it a tranlator?
  11. i am new player mostly having 2fps help me solve this
  12. Just this weeks 5 new players came in our guild. There are new players. But trashtalk in Worldchat and get killed everywhere on bot make the people leave. There was many people who left server as they lost the siege and get block because of a bug. but they just cant loose. the people accouse us cheater but we want to proof it. We write to @Admin he should come to siege and look for us. but at this siege you dont wanted to fight. We was 10 you were 8 so no big difference in players. you always search other excuses, but wont help the newbies. Stop talk trash and focus on your game, farm ch2 ti
  13. There are a lot of reasons why the server is not good frequented at the moment. We talked many times about it here and on chat or in game. But let talk what can we ( players ) do to mouve some old players to come back to enjoy-LC, or mouse new players to switch from other servers to us. The LastChaos community is small, so we have to do our best ;-) - Voting: I think only the top 3 servers on the ranking can win really new players - Help: We have to help new players. THis server have a lot of custom implementations, new player do not know what they have to do first. We can help by
  14. Hi, I can upset you online is not decreasing from day to day. Online is stable, it's just less than it was before. It has always been and will always be, this is normal for any activity, you cannot always be ahead of everyone. Time passes and everything changes and we change too. I am very sorry that I crossed the path of your friends and for this you left the server, but I think I can handle it without you.
  15. Lol, the Admin do not ban us?!!!!! Uzzy's healer is banned, doll's mage was banned. I never cheat and insult that's why I never will get banned or muted. When you have proves report me the Admin will Bann me, I promise you The server is empty, yeah true, we can discuss about it. There are reasons. But not the points you named.
  16. Admin now shows you why the server has become so empty because you prefer the hackers than the honest players. The honest players have since left the server and your favorites , like Uzzy and SolInvictus and Maniarin have contributed with their hacks, insults that the players have left the server. I've seen that coming and we've often sent reports from them where it's clear they're not playing fair but you've always taken them into protection and looked for a thousand excuses so you don't have to banish them. Now you see what you have of it, your server becomes empty from day to day. You can n
  17. Hi friends, there has been no update from me for a long time, today I completed it. As you have already noticed, online has decreased significantly, there are good reasons for this, so all our efforts will be directed to increasing online, because now the most important thing is to help new players and keep old ones, we have decided that we will spend more time in the game and spend less time for updates, because at the moment the main task is to attract new players, I understand that many are tired of our server, but we are not going to give up, we have always come out of a crisis situat
  18. Earlier
  19. NO is not, but its really noob, you see the TK try to move me outside the pvp area and to take me away from party members so they do not get heal. Telekinese remove target so you cant use Master Heal. But its ok, can manage it :-)
  20. but it was not forbidden telekinesis to the towers ????
  21. @Rockstarx i hide the chat same all do. I do not want you see guild and privat chat :-) All do this, why are you looking arguments off topic to cry. And why you cry? it was good PVP and you won. Where is now the Problem.
  22. Come join Enjoy-LC and participate on daily PVP events. Scarlet described how it is exiting on the bestway :-) https://i.ibb.co/FX9vkk6/scarlet.png
  23. Guide - Valentines Event - How to use Chocolate added to playlist
  24. Hello, Today we have a new update. The next patch will probably be on February 20, all chocolates will be disabled, so you shouldn't postpone them, you'd better exchange them for prizes. Changes: Dungeon Akan: added more monsters, now there should be enough skulls. * Now, for every dungeon you complete, you will receive a Silver Dungeon Key. When you have 10 keys you will be able to open the Riddle Vales affinity box. Riddle Vales: Added a new affinity. Merchant: Added a new event: Valentine's Day. 1. To take part in the event, you must first g
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